Surface Preps

SBWG Anti-Static Wax and Grease Remover MSDS
WBWG Water-Borne Wax and Grease Remover MSDS

EP21 OxyStik Epoxy Primer Tech Sheet  MSDS
EPA OxyStik Epoxy Primer Activator Tech Sheet
UP60 Series Kem Prime Urethane Primer Surface Tech Sheet
US80 Series Kem-Seal 2K Polyurethane Sealer Tech Sheet
QFP44 QuadFlex Flexible 2K Primer for Plastics Tech Sheet
QF-777 QuadFlex Adhesion Promoter Tech Sheet

SGC Color KemBase Solid Color Urethane Basecoat Tech Sheet MSDS
MGC Color KemBase Metallic Color Urethane Basecoat Tech Sheet MSDS
PGC Color KemBase Pearl Color Urethane Basecoat Tech Sheet MSDS
UTC Color UreTop 2K Urethane Single Stage Color Tech Sheet MSDS
KGC Colors EyeKandy Candy Graphic Pearls Tech Sheet
KPU Color KemPhlats 2K Urethane Low Gloss Hot Rod Color Tech Sheet MSDS
EKB Color KemBase EyeKandy Kandy Basecoat Color Tech Sheet MSDS
EKU Color EyeKandy 2K Urethane Kandy Midcoat Tech Sheet
EKK Color EyeKandy Kandy Concentrates Tech Sheet
KF Series KonFusion Chameleon Color Basecoats Tech Sheet MSDS
NF Series NeoFluor Neon Like Basecoat Color Tech Sheet MSDS
KK Series KemKhrome Chrome Basecoats Tech Sheet
Effect Solids

KFP Powders KonFusionLC Liquid Crystal Chameleon Pearl Tech Sheet
CP Powders ClassicFx Pearl Powders Tech Sheet
SP Powders Screamin’ Pearl Xirallic Powders Tech Sheet
GP Powders PrismFx Glass Pearl Powders Tech Sheet
F/BF Flakes FireFlake Kandy Metal Flakes Tech Sheet
FF/BFF Flakes Flip Flake Holographic Metal Flakes Tech Sheet
LG Powders GleauxFx Glow in the Dark Powders Tech Sheet
HR Powders ChromaticFever Thermochromic Powders Tech Sheet

UC410 UreKem 2K MS Polyurethane Clear Tech Sheet MSDS
UC210 UreKem 2K HS Polyurethane Glamour Clear Tech Sheet MSDS
UC421 UreKem 2K MS LV Polyurethane Clear Tech Sheet MSDS 
UC44F UreKem 2K Flat Matte Clear Tech Sheet MSDS
IC100 KemFx Intercoat Clear Tech Sheet MSDS
IC101 KemFx Pearl, Flake, and Powder Carrier Tech Sheet MSDS
Additives and Ancillaries

UR Reducers UR010, UR011, UR012 Urethane Reducers MSDS
UA Activators UA40, UA41, UA42 Urethane Activators MSDS
AUC56 TurboKure Urethane Accelerator Tech Sheet
AFE52 Fisheye and Crator Eliminator Tech Sheet
AFP01 Flatting & Matting Additive Tech Sheet
ABS10 Edge Blender Tech Sheet
ARE66 Retarder & Flow Enhancer Tech Sheet
HSCSOL Hot Shot Solvent Gun Wash Booster
HSCH2O Hot Shot Water-Borne Gun Cleaner Concentrate Tech Sheet