The 1968 Camaro didn’t stray much from the 1967 Camaro design. Primarily, the side vents were removed and replaced with a fresh-air-inlet system called “Astro Ventilation”.

In 1968, the government started required side marker lights, so Chevrolet added side markers to the front and rear fenders to be fully compliant. The grill was more pointed and the taillights were divided.

A little over 76,000 1968 Camaro’s were produced.

Code Name Color Chip
D Grotto Blue Poly. 1968-Camaro-DD-Grotto-Blue-Poly
E Fathom Blue Poly. 1968-Camaro-EE-Fathom-Blue-Poly
F Island Teal Poly. 1968-Camaro-FF-Island-Teal-Poly
G Ash Gold Poly. 1968-Camaro-GG-Ash-Gold-Poly
H Grecian Green Poly. 1968-Camaro-HH-Grecian-Green-Poly
J Rallye Green Poly. 1968-Camaro-JJ-Rallye-Green-Poly
K Tripoli Turquoise Poly. 1968-Camaro-KK-Tripoli-Turquoise-Poly
L Teal Blue Poly. 1968-Camaro-LL-Teal-Blue-Poly
N Cordovan Maroon Poly. 1968-Camaro-NN-Cordovan-Maroon-Poly
O Corvette Bronze Poly. No-Paint-Chip
P Seafrost Green Poly. 1968-Camaro-PP-Seafrost-Green-Poly
U LeMans Blue Poly. No-Paint-Chip
V Sequoia Green Poly. 1968-Camaro-VV-Sequoia-Green-Poly
Z British Green Poly. No-Paint-Chip

* Poly. is another way of saying Metallic

1968 Chevrolet Camaro Factory Car Paint Color Chart

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