Chameleon paint colors are unique in that they change colors depending on the angle and lighting that you are viewing them from. Chameleon paint colors are also referred to as “Flip Flop Paint” or “Color Changing Paint”.

tokyo drift konfusion kf-07 konfusion kf-03 oceans rip konfusion kf-01 kit konfusion hole shot nose knofusion toxic tide kf-08 tokyo drift kf-07 kf-06 mountain fall kf-04 konfusion kit

Chameleon paints are created using a highly specialized pearl pigment that separates light differently than other colors. Chameleon paints are painted using a three stage system where a black base layer is sprayed first, then the chameleon layer is sprayed next and then the clear is sprayed last. Chameleon paints used to be incredibly expensive, but as time has gone on and the cost to produce the pigments has gone down, so has the price.



Nature’s Fury


Storm Surge

Ocean's Rip

Ocean’s Rip

Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm


Toxic Tide


Mountain Fall


Hole Shot


Tokyo Drift


Psychotic Illusions


Nuclear Gold